How important is the college application essay or personal statement? It is the most important part of your application, especially if you are applying to an elite school. Many students have stellar academic records and a history of impressive achievements. In college admissions, your essay has to be the component that separates you from everyone else.

In order for you to stand out, the essay or personal statement you submit has to do three things:

  • Clearly identify your unique qualities

  • Present an honest representation of your thoughts and ambitions

  • Demonstrate your value to the institution

Your college application essay can discuss something of personal significance to you, or reveal something that is not reflected in the rest of your application. It serves as your best opportunity to differentiate yourself from the other applicants. Additionally, it provides the admissions team with a sense of your writing skills. 

The best essays and personal statements are creative, original and allow the reader to see your true self.  

Strategic College Essays will help you brainstorm your essay topic, develop and organize your thoughts to produce an essay or personal statement that tells your story and stands out in the applicant pool.